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Thursday, September 24, 2009

nothing much too say...busy studying...just wanna say....




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Sunday, September 6, 2009

busy with making maps...just to qualify in Spigot37...feeling very stressed...

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Friday, September 4, 2009

well, lied to you guys alot...bout posting after i buy the orange box...XD too engrossed...everyday have routine.




#4.HL2 episode 2

these are friggin occupying my day...and now i have to fold offerings as the seventh month thingy...so wont be playing often, ps to all my steam friends! and and Elicia and spart, saturday my time is both of yours, l4d is a confirm! BWA HA HA HA! and tuh vanessa, well, you saw my post. if you didnt then too bad. too busy for bwa ha ha ha, as i promised you i will show you when i have time right? okok, anyway. i will update everyday, if i cannot make it i will at least leave a message at my tag box.ok guys, have to go.


Yours Truly,
Sakura XD

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

bwa ha ha ha ha! im gonna buy the orange box soon! that means this blog will get alive soon! weee heee. ok ok since i havent got the box yet so i wont post hmph.haha wait till i get barhs.bye guys.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Haiz...tdy kena laugh by them...embarassing sia! shud not tell brendan to tell them...anyway got something to share...hehehe.
see? cute hor? though he look dirty cuz one heartless bastard go hit him!!!wanna kill him man! at the end this boi boi still go heal the guy who hit him...see! so good! this is called guai kia.ok ok wad shud i say now leh? ah yah! tdy ms joyce lee...scold me for the rock thing.I see wrong cannot meh? i dunno u saying the concrete mah! if u say earlier i confirm say no lah. liddat shout shout shout...damn.I wish i dont wanna have history anymore...geography is good! mdm idayu rocks man~hmm ate lunch and i told the uncle to give me a zha dan...he also stunned then he get the picture ltr, me n brendan were laughing hahas.Ok la dun post le need revise now...ciao~
Yours truly,

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Friday, August 7, 2009

hey sho! guys guys guys long time bo update cause of l4d lah! everytime addict me de!!!suck me into the game sial! ok ok must control must control! wahhhhhhh all these time i have not been updating happen too much things liao wont tell you much.One thing in my mind is exam!!!!i cannot fail my maths! i must pass dun care! ornot i kill myself ahhh! shit shit shit! must pass grrrr! ok ok lac lac...so wanting that keychain! wahhhhhhh let me repeat myself, whoever can give it to me ill love the person damn lots ya know!!!!! wahhhhhh haha ha too siao liao~~~need slp liao late late le tml need chiong l4d!!!!(here i go again....) ok ok really need sleep.Tomorrow need play with fedayeen and maybe smurf too....btw juice sis~ euu hor really busy till liddat meh? at least reply meeeeeee~ feelign very lonely already and missing the days where i play with you l4d~~~(again....) haha ok ok relii need to go le~ bye guys~

Signing off,
Hitsugaya Toshiro(new nick~)

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

wooooosh~ long time no post le uh! gt flu uh....sian...sis so guan xing me! so happy~ wah ka ka ka ka!faster find a college and come sg leh~ missing euu here already! and and recently addicted on bleach n l4d...im waiting to buy team fortress 2 and killing floor! wooosh~ kkays nw need go sleep le cuz juz take meds~ciao~


i want this keychain!!!!!!! who ever can give it to me, i will love you damn much!

loving this!!!!

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